I saw this article:
“The Federal Trade Commission says employers can now use social media as part of a background check on potential employees. The ruling means Social Intelligence Corp (see what they do) can sell your social media report, including a report on posts and photos (how many years’ worth of posts will they keep?), to employers. “

I thought we had some kind of intellectual property rights to what WE said without someone making a profit off of it without OUR knowledge. Shame on you FTC. So now I have to say tings with great sarcasm so the people that pay for this information think they hear what they want. SO, If you don’t like what I have to say too bad. so sad. Someone has to bring the truth to the table LOL! SO THERE FTC! http://amplify.com/u/a15uub


There have been problems for visually impaired people that use computers for quite some time. There are other problems that make it difficult for general accessibility to the Internet. Now there is one more thing that make it impossible for people to find work simply because they are not using Microsoft Internet Explorer.

An Incompatible Version of Microsoft Internet Explorer was detected!

This is the drone and chime of recent technology barriers presented to people that do not use Microsoft based operating systems or browsers. This is a way for companies to block potential job seekers simply because they are lazy, Microsoft centric or simply just don’t know how to work outside the confines of the limited world of Microsoft. Perhaps they don’t really care about people reality.

We need jobs, but we don’t fit the style of the company because they have been eaten by the dragon of Microsoft. Come on now, maybe these companies don’t want real people to work for them. http://amplify.com/u/a151vx

I have been looking at some of the ideas about future vehicles. We need the technology NOW and to keep it real. Some of these designs may be what is making people laugh now because of the way it looks and is always mentioning things like a 30 speaker sound system with 4 zillion watts to keep you occupied while you play a game or use your whatever-phone. So I guess we ALL want traveling entertainment systems that have a range of 50 or less miles and move at the break neck speed of 30MPH! Then as you go down the road, the GPS system says something like “Turn left into Lake”. Yo do so only to find yourself floating with a flock of ducks. The GPS malfunctioned and was to say “Turn left into Lake Drive”. http://amplify.com/u/b101ye

So I see this statement in an article today:
“You’re asking too much money. Salaries are lower these days. You might well have to bite the bullet and take much less to get off of the unemployment rolls. You’re very overqualified. Realistically, I’m not going to hire someone with 10+ years of experience with a great deal of responsibility in their last job for an entry-level job. I know you might be desperate. But it’s better to freelance, consult or start your own business.”

Here is problem with this: The people that are doing the hiring were lucky enough
to keep their job at THE SAME rate with 10+ years experience. There is a major major fallacy here folks.

Oh yes, I just saw that the most honorable McDonalds is hiring 20,000+ workers
for around 8.50/hr. Hoooooooooray they save the day. Has any company actually considered lowering prices, fuel, housing, and food? Noway.

Let’s see “Let the people eat cake”. Do you remember what happened after that?

Comments? http://amplify.com/u/bxrfd

Are there real jobs or carrots?

After looking at various sources for ‘jobs’ I am noticing a trend an wonder if anyone else is.

What I mean is that there seem to be the same jobs listed by various recruiting groups for the exact same thing from the same employer. The thing is that these are listed with one group and then they pull it only to be listed by another. The recruiters claim that they were not able to find the ‘right’ person for the job. What is becoming apparent is that since the recruiters ask for what you want for a salary range is what this is really based on. So, people with the proper experience are being placed at the mercy of a bidding war between the recruiting groups. Is this wrong or what? Do these jobs really exist? I seriously am doubting it.

I have also noticed that these same jobs are listed in boards that you must pay to be part of like the Ladders and other similar groups. WHO is really making the money here. Does anyone really get employed via these groups? I WANT responses from people that have had results from these ‘pay and play’ boards.

So what’s the deal? With experience, education, networking, and on and on it is really starting to seem like there are two groups that are making out here and need to be flushed out from behind the weeds that they hide in. The first are useless recruiting boards and companies that never seem to do much more than post jobs that are forever dead and the many pundits and commentators that always give the same old tips over and over that hardly make a difference to people that are ‘killing’ themselves and spending money on these useless programs.

WE NEED REAL SUSTAINABLE JOBS that have a real income and are not just low end service based (i.e. call center) groups that exploit the worker and the endless hype of ‘business opportunities’ and now join the military based jobs that start to look like regular work.


Conscious Consumerism?

Hello All,
Well I guess I would poke at this one because I can see (cynically) how marketing can slant things so sales are always made from something. We discuss the ‘Green’ concept of things, but do we really know what is truly green and what is a ‘get on the bandwagon’ campaign? What I mean here is that if you examine what is in a CFL (compact florescent light) like mercury for example, they may not appear to be so green after all. It may have created a new need for jobs that are designed to recycle these CFLs after they are not usable, but they may not have really been that green.

I try to be conscious, but from the standpoint of the ‘critical thinker’. I will look close for sustainable resources that not only include products, but also from the value of the human spirit as a resource. We really need to think about how we impact our eco-sphere regardless of what marketing spins are thrown at us.

So where does that leave us? An example for conscious consumerism could be the use of old shipping (cargo boxes) for new housing ( video at : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zO9mZ_j71eA ) or the use of recycled concrete and paper for building ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tNbsnoXc4K0 ) .

This is really a mind-set that we must all adopt that goes beyond just following the lead of others. It will take a true critical eye to really see what is truly consumerism and what is sustainable use.

Jobs? Really?

OK, I’m starting to wonder about this entire ‘jobs’ board thing. The reason is that they are all starting to lead to dead end listings that are outdated or lead to a series of ads or ‘work at home opportunities’ AND THAT”S IT!!!

Let’s be honest, there are VERY FEW REAL jobs out there that pay a wage that yo can actually live on. We are consttant told that things are getting better, but are they reall or is just this the normal spin the media throws at us.

Go to this board and after they get all your information they need you to subscribe to the service. Or, you get listings that are so out of date that the business may not even be around anymore.

So my point blank question is: Why do ‘you’ keep feeding us this stuff when it is obvious that there are so few real honest truly paying jobs out there.

Let’s also be honest, our government can never really create jobs. It’s up to the small business to get away from purely bottom line greed and actually provide decent paying jobs.

If we don’t start moving on this ourselves, we will become yet another Third World country (unless this is what is desired by the powers that be).

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