Ramblings and beyond

OK this is yet another blog site…I’m going to have to narrow these down.

Since there are tabs on the WordPress bolg, I hink I might consolidate them ALL here?

Do you think this is wise. I mean, come on now, I am forgetting about what I have out there and where. This is the plight of the average PhD student.

You know the ones that have no time for no one that are no where and have yet to be heard from?

I am putting this new blog together for concentrating on education that I have now gone full bore into. This PhD stuff can be so esoteric that ramblings is about all there might be here from now on.

A picture for this…since its been sooooooo hot here lateley…..mmmmmmm. watermelons!

boy-smashing-watermelon.gif msc_events_29565_large.jpg

Extreme pogos —


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