New Gas Tax …Oh no, Mr. (tax) Bill !

New gas tax because of bridge failure ???

OK, here we go again. Just as gas prices started going down a new gas tax has been proposed to repair our failing road and bridge infrastructure. So, does this mean that the real reason our gas prices were going down so they could increase it without us noticing and surprise, surprise a new tax ?

In a recent article from the Buffalo News World and National was reported that our US Congress is considering a special increase in gasoline taxes to help fund the aging and failing infrastructure in the US. Various congress members are considering this increase even at risk of political harm.

I want to know what you all think about this. Is this fair to the consumer? Why is there always a shortage of funds for things that directly effect the average citizen? Maybe its time to consider other modes of transportation. But, how would the tax be shifted? If we don’t use as much gasoline and increase use of other fuels and mass transit systems what will happen? Maybe our “dependence” on foreign oil/fuel is not really the culprit here. Maybe it’s the government keeping a system in place to take in tax revenues.


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