Hackers galore — Why can one group hold us hostage ?

Hello fellow consumers.

Ok, rememebr that guy who hacked the iPhone so we are not trapped into one carrier, that by the way I feel has messed up service quality?

Now AT&T is yelling about that.. OH WELL… they make US get into contracts for service that holds us hostage by forcing us to get into contracts that will grossly penalize us if we find a ‘better’ carrier. How is that fair. Maybe people DID NOT want to be part of AT&T but were we given a choice, is that fair? Maybe WE should be looking into to this agreement between AT&T and Apple and see what really happened behind closed board room doors.

George Hotz - Cell Phone Hero

George Hotz – A cell phone Hero!

AP via Yahoo! News – Aug 24 2:35 PM


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