I am going to be sceptically talking here…

Have you heard about the family that says they can do everything for 35K a year?

I am going to let you in on a secret…they just hit it BIG with going onto TV to spout the virtues of saving here and there and so on. There is something that people are overlooking here that has me very sceptically looking at this. There are things that they have income from: A book, a newsletter, and a website with advertising…

I wish them luck and hope this works. But, I feel there is something that they are not quite telling us here.

I want your views on this because I have great doubts about this and need some (kind words please) convincing that this will work for everyone.


One response to “I am going to be sceptically talking here…

  1. I realize this is an 8 month old post, but I know Steve and Annette, and mentioned them in my blog tonight. They are the real deal. You don’t get rich off of a newsletter…. or being on TV. Publishing a book, even if it hits the Best Sellers List, doesn’t bring in the cash like we would all like it to. Steve and Annette are now traveling around to universities giving lectures. They still buy jeans at Savers and grocery shop once a month. Have you read their book?

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