Hazelnut vs. Kitamu

The results are in!

After many years of being a die-hard Hazelnut flavored coffee drinker, my wife has determined that Starbucks Africa Kitamu is so much better. The debate ends and the switch has been made. Too bad Folgers but, all hope is not lost. We both still consume your Columbian on a regular basis.

The only problem we face is the scarcity of this particular Starbucks blend at out local grocery store. What even makes it worse is that Safeway sells it on their own shelves and the “in-house” Starbucks kiosk does not (let alone the fact that the workers deny any knowledge of the blend). But, that’s another report!

viva Coffee viva caffeine  !

Starbucks Africa KitamuStarbucks – Approved by wife                                Folgers Hazelnut           Folgers – dropped as favorite ( oh well)

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