Is this social or is it blog or is it ?

This blog, that blog. Here a blog, there a blog everywhere a blog, blog!

Something about that 15 minutes, 15 seconds, 15 words of fame starting to erode the layers of the Internet. Everyone has something to say and they are doing it on blogs as diverse as it can go. Core ISPs like MSN,Yahoo, and the like are all getting on the bandwagon of yet another monetizing scheme. But, what makes a blog more interesting than another? Why would somebody want to read what I have to say?

Has anyone noticed when a big news article hits the ‘net that almost any blogger worth their weight in salt jumps on it and gives some kind of opinion about the event simply based on the original article found on the ‘net ? I think it starting to look like all opinions and no facts such as being at the event.

So why am I ranting on here? There can only be so much content on a subject and then it becomes nothing more than dribble and droll. So what you say? I therefore issue a challenge that we start providing eyewitness accounts of what is going on around your local ‘sphere of influence’ .

While I did not take this picture, I can report that this morning I saw a very large herd of pronghorn antelope in the fields south of where I live standing and grazing for the migration south for the winter. I wish I had a camera for this but, as usual, I didn’t.

Pronghorn Antelop

We also have several Swainson’s Hawks in a nearby area that are also feeding for the long winter trip to Argentina. We are very fortunate to have the volunteers at the Ellicott Wildlife Rehabilitation Center working with these wonderful birds of prey. We are currently helping with gathering ‘roadkilled’ critters like rabbits for food for these and many other birds found at the center.

Swainson’s Hawk

So are you willing to come up with local events that happen around you without relying on others providing the info?


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