Number Please?

The new AT&T? I have been using Cingular all this time and lo and behold they are now the new AT&T cell service.

I would like to know how many folks out there had Cingular for cell phone service and when it was changed to AT&T how bad your connection quality got. Not to mention mis-routed voice mails, hearing others on your connection, not able to make calls at all ( maybe that’s why they have the fewest dropped calls) , and a miryid of other problems with their service. I one day I personally heard four people complain about this service.

What’s going on here? It seemed that once AT&T partnered with Apple that service quality has gone down. We need to get AT&T to get back to previous quality or many folks will leave ( at least the ones that don’t have an iPhone because they are trapped with this provider).

Why did this quality drop happen? Why is there no apparent effort being made to correct it?

I want every one reading this to leave a comment good or bad about what has happened after we got a “New AT&T”


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