Politics,Social Responsibilty, and Plato — Where are we headed?

There seems to be a growth in the concept of social responsibility in organizations that wish to remain competitive. While some motivations of an organization are based solely on the ‘bottom line’, there are also a number of corporate leaders that are realizing the true benefits of combined social and human capital and the overall ‘health’ of an organization. So from this, there are platonic orientations growing in groups that emphasize the importance of socially aware corporate citizenship. The character of the ‘new’ politics in America is in a crossroads point and there are influences by both corporate citizens and ‘average’ citizens of this country. There needs o be a shaping of priorities and culture that will shift the load from Federal government mandates to initiatives of the leaders of corporations, NGOs and citizen based groups. It is apparent that in order to work on problems like global warming and sustainable clean water supplies it will take the collaboration of many groups outside government channels to make the politics of these massive efforts fruitful.

It is very easy for clouded vision to obscure what Democracy is when we examine the current political mayhem we call the Democratic and Republican parties. Introducing agenda based ideals into any emotionally charged issue like the war in Iraq while barely discussing the crisis in Dufar or the growing number of child combatants across the globe is something that would have probably made most of the philosophers we have been studying both depressed and dumbfounded. Has the philosophies of knowledge and common morals become eroded to the point where situational ethics is the primary driver in current political battles? Do we now forget about critical inquiry when choosing elected officials and purely base choices on wealth and ‘skin time’?

Something that ALL leaders on both sides of the house need to come back into touch with are the vary morals and virtues that Plato discusses about leadership in general. However, complacency of the people that go about day-to-day living without realizing the impact these lofty decisions have on that day-to-day life. There are two things that American culture needs to have over time. The first is a ‘hero’ and the second an ‘enemy’. The real reasons why the president makes decisions the way he does, we may never know. However, the entire leadership entity of this government ( from Federal to Local) has an obligation to at least live up to the basics of Democracy ( not the Democratic Party) of this country that were laid out by Plato so long ago.

I will now step down from the soapbox…


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