One mans junk is another mans …

After about 2 years of torture, sweat, swearing, and other assorted treats of psychological mayhem, it was time to figure out what to do with the dreaded unvalued junk, art, do-dads, and what nots from a relatives estate.

We had checked with some auctioneers on potential values. Some laughed, some stared, some ran away screaming! Until one group sat down with us and spent time telling us the truth about our stash. Tad Bickley of Best of the West Auctions provided a truthful appraisal of what we thought were many gold bars, turned out to be only a few scheckles . He took the time to look at things with an expert eye, showed up on time as promised. Professionalism was the word and communication was the detail. Since he only found a few things of ‘value’ he referred us to other groups that might be interested in direct purchase of some things there. We have finally found some honest and timely information about the ‘hidden treasures’ that were simply just hidden ghosts.

If you are needing the service of an auctioneer and appraisers contact:

Tad Bickley

Best of the West Auctions

719.661.4502 (cell)

719.633.5270 (office)

1.866.902.1001 (toll free)

One response to “One mans junk is another mans …

  1. That’s disappointing. Still, try auctioning the items through Ebay. Who knows, you might end up selling them for a much higher amount 🙂

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