Arnold, Bush,and the SoCal fires…



There has been a state of emergency declared in the fire zones of California, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is taking care of efforts to help his people. But wait! President Bush is now heading there to see the situation. Is this a good idea or simply a way for more press time? If you remember during the Katrina disaster, it took Bush quite a while to get to the affected areas. Is Bush really going to the fires to help or simply make up for the time he lolly gaged during his trip to the South?Now, not only does Arnold have to deal with the fires, he must also allot resources to take care of Bush.

So there are around 10,000 people working on the fire, how many will have to be pulled from there to do the ‘babysitting’? So, it looks like some people are being aloud to return to their homes now. How will FEMA work this time? The Red Cross was a major player in this disaster and went about doing the great job they do for support systems. So FEMA what do you have to say?

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