More Please…Can I have more phone directories, sir?


Let’s see:BR-549 BR-549 BR-549 BR-549 They look the same to me. I don’t get it why do we need even more phone directories in Colorado Springs.

This is getting out of hand when I thought we were supposed to be getting ‘greener’ . Trees, we don’t need no stinking trees…It’s kind of silly don’t you think that we are getting more paper processed as we are to be more environmentally friendly? I really don’t care about the adverts in these books. I would just like to have a decent and up to date city map that was usable and READABLE.Maybe it’s time to really think about how much trash ( 13 lbs of phone numbers and more) will actually be recycled. I would like to see what the readers here think about this advertising by proxy environmental threat…

phone directories

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