Are there any real pay-to-blog groups out there? Please step forward.

I have been looking for pay-to–blog groups trying to find at least one that would give real assignments that had decent pay rates. I think I have come across a program that will provide both.

Smorty has developed a unique system that allows bloggers to give actual opinions about a product or service and provides a way to blog for money. Smorty provides an easy to understand interface and sign-up process that gives a professional touch to the entire system along with easy submission forms. This is what I have been looking for so that the blogs I write don’t look like scripted content. Instead, the ability to provide honest opinions and comparisons to other groups makes the process of putting an article together in the way you are used to writing much easier.

The selection of projects is set up in a way that you select what you want to comment on and then select other assignments if you want. The selections are very broad and span across geographic areas. The selections given had deadlines that are reasonable along with the required minimum word count.

I have just recently joined this program and have found the group easy to work with and look forward to a long partnership with them.


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