Of Blogs, Social Networks and annihilation by pacifism


I’m sitting here thinking about all the things going on around the world. Here I am bumping against 50 and the things I have seen in this short time could make any ones head spin. If we go back to say 1950 and move forward in time, there have been so many social and technological changes that if you can’t keep up even if you buy that new whatever every five minutes or keep hitting a ‘reload’ button on your browser. A what? A browser, what is a browser anyway my grandfather might have said now. ‘Oh yeah, that thing they used to trim eyebrows with…’ How can you get anything from that whatchama callit ummm Internet?

Ouch, now even my grandchildren in SECOND GRADE need to take statistical analysis. Why? I don’t know…maybe a future need for Demographers when the world population hits 20 Billion folks? Or peharps to keep track of all the blogs and what they say and when it was said. I shudder to think when all social networks will connect into one huge ‘Matrix‘ like environment protected by a few brave souls ( or will we have any souls left by then?) .

Wow we are protected by a force that allows us to meander along in a video based simulation that is our lives as seen by an elite group of people that have stocked the public into virtual reality tanks. Oh yeah that right! I forgot our youth are being trained by constant finger motions across video games of all forms so they will be conditioned to accept this new cyber based ‘life’. We will be happy then. There will be no comfort left unattended. We will be at complete peace and contentment. Our humanity and social systems will pass in bliss not by a great physical war, not a single dose of radiation or bio-agents. There will be no great Armageddon of fire and such. Just a quiet whimper as our humanity ends by annihilation by pacifism…..Gladly and without resistance.


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