A Green Holiday ?

Here sitting after ‘recovery’ from the Thanksgiving holiday, I think was this really so green? How much fuel was used to get where every one was going? How much energy was used to not only prepare and cook the meal but what was used to get the bird from the ‘bird factory’ to the carving knife? Was this green? Maybe this is to make us think it was green if we want to be ‘happy’ ?

Well, how could you make it green for real? Solar cooking ovens/stoves, solar coffee grinders and roasters, ummmmm… maybe hybrid car What else? recycled gifts, recycled wrapping paper, junk that people win and give as gifts ( oh that goes into the economizing blog). Oh, don’t forget artificial Christmas trees made from petroleum products, LED based bulbs ( made using various hazardous materials) that save energy to light up. Those crazy recycled Christmas cards that grandma has piled around ready to send to unwitting grand children, that should work!

So what would YOU do to make it greener? I know folks are reading this and really have some input!

Oh yeah! I almost forgot! Merry multiple seasonal holidays for all nations that participate in this broohaha!


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