rssHugger…Promote your Blog — Find others!

I have been trying to find ways to let the blogsphere know about Ellicott Ramblings. Yes, there are many directories out there that can get you started and I have some listed in the sidebar to the right. But, building a solid list of subscribers is hard to do.

I started out with Feedburner. This is a great service for setting up you feed and it even has a neat little logo. But something I came across today is a neat service called rssHugger. It a clean easy to follow service that gets your blog exposed using the RSS feed blog hosting groups provide. I like this system because it is not only user friendly, but has a human feeling to it. It’s something that you should consider in getting your blog exposed to the world. I also feel more of a human touch here. How many times have you registered you feed in a directory but felt the lack of ‘spirit’ ? Well, Collin LaHay has put this back into this site.

I suggest you take a look at this service and see for yourself that not only will your blog get more exposure, it will become part of a great community!



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