Resolutions? We don’t need no stinking resolutions!

The New Year (Wooooopeeee!). Now we have to make some kind of silly resolution that we know darn well will not be achieved or even remembered. Well the typical ones are: lose weight, stop smoking, stop drinking, exercise more, stop speeding, spend more time with whoever, and on and on… We know that there is a great chance these will never happen.

So why not come up with something new, something that has most likely not even been attempted let alone even thought about. Ummmm let’s see a a a a OK I have it!

Get rid of sleeping pillows that you have had for years. You know, the ones that have finally taken on the right shape, density, and smell. Can this be done? Is the goal real?

Yes!!!! Get rid of saggy sleeping pillows and get crisp, oder-less brand spanking new sparkling white head resting, dream inducing, sleep inviting pillows! Now how is that for an original idea? A new New Years resolution of this century?

Share your thoughts here on this… By the Way…HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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