Can Actors and Comedians think and write for themselves?

No and I mean no….the Golden Globe awards to go back into ‘private’ ceremonies? It can’t be! What about the endless partying and drunken rampages that we have come to love and respect with the start of the awards ceremony season? It’s not fair! The paparazzi will have to go elsewhere for camera fodder! How sad.

But wait! There’s still hope. Some of the better know late night TV comedians are coming back! Wow….they even claimed it was reluctantly (I bet) to make us still feel sorry for those writers.  Now we will finally get to see if they can come up with the one-liners and punch lines of days past. I hope or it’s back to endless re-runs.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot. remember that we will soon have this neat new digital TV stuff in 2009 (get your coupons). It claims we will have better quality signals and more of them. The only thing they don’t mention is the content of those signals. I wonder about that!

I openly welcome your comments about this!


One response to “Can Actors and Comedians think and write for themselves?

  1. good question. they probably could. leno needs material to spit things out for an hour five days a week. he needs writers with his current format. maybe he will be more engaging slowing things down.

    i go to sleep earlier now. when i am not blogging that is.

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