Politics, Money, Campaigns, and cramps

Does anyone notice something weird going on? Does anyone notice how flat our wallets are becoming?

But yet we hear from the campaigns that  each candidate has a plan for getting the economy back on track. One thing is that first we vote in November, then the new President is sworn in in January 2009. Now how long will it take for the ‘plan’ to be enacted? So let’s see… Jan,Feb,……October, Vote in November, Dec, Jan 2009 how long? Roughly ONE YEAR from now we may see something started but, not any sooner. Why are we letting THIS ISSUE that is effecting us NOW determine who will be in office a year from now????? Don’t you think that something needs to be done NOW?

But honestly, do you think there is really time to get something moving now? Don’t you think that we are being cramped as the ordinary citizens having to wait? Is it hard to realize that if that year passes that most like this problem will be resolved by the time the next president steps in? Anyway, doesn’t our Congress really make the calls on this?

We need action NOW not a year from now!

Please leave your thoughts here on this.


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