2012 fat is in

After reading an article in the NY Times on the ‘fatosphere’ I starting thinking about the Myan/Aztec Calendar predicting the end of the world in 2012. Ummmm, maybe there is a reason there is a global ‘fat’ epidemic. With the increase in global warming and this fat outbreak maybe there is something going on that is not considered. Perhaps famine and world wide food riots? Is there a loop hole?

Maybe the reason why there is an increase in fatness is that there are a few folks that will survive on the reserves they have. Maybe a few of them will know about the global seed banks and how to start farming again. Wow just imagine, us fat folks might make it while our thin friends die out during no food and the riots! Yes it is sad. But, maybe just maybe the people that are considered the un-healthy may actually survive and keep things going.

What do you think? Maybe ‘the weak and the meek’ might have a meaning that was not thought about.


One response to “2012 fat is in

  1. My husband and I joke about what skills we have that will help rebuild society after the zombie apocalypse. I’m not a good hunter but I can spin yarn and make clothes and churn butter should any dairy animals survive. *grin*

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