November Snoozer

By the time we have this entire sorted through, I think we will all be just too tired to vote in November. The more bashing that is going on, the less truth we are hearing about all candidates. I mean come on…this battle between Obama and Clinton is doing what they want it to. What do they want. It’s becoming clear that the more time they spend tearing each other apart the less likely they will have time to answer questions with real heart felt honest thoughts. Ask a question about the economy and a war of words starts between these two. Ask about energy and no response other than to say what the other candidate will/will not do with the issue.

Now imagine after all that campaigning  is done the people will have such a clouded voting view that just going to the polls is good enough. Not the actual vote.

So just what are we really voting for here? Leadership or quagmire, Honesty or deceit, Empowering the people or enslaving them? We are going to be so tired by the time November rolls around that we will just not feel like voting because we still don’t know what are next leadership will really do for the PEOPLE.


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