Does Kenya Cry Alone?

I have been following the horrid situation in Kenya and honestly feel that they are being left alone by the US to suffer and cry out in pain. Why has there not been more attention by the US to this horrid situation? It is obvious that some groups like the International Medical Corps are there to help and that there are other media groups like the Chinese press have been involved providing coverage and aid. But other than a small report on NPR yesterday there has not been enough coverage by the mainstream media here. Instead, what do we hear more brainless coverage about poor baby Britney going to the hospital yet again.I encourage you to listen to this interview with Binyavanga Wainaina an author and journalist from Kenya discussing ethnic splits in Kenya and some brief history of what has been going on there. We must also pay close attention to what the bloggers of Kenya are writing about as this tragedy continues.Please, please let the news come out so that more coverage by the mainstream starts and that this issue comes to the front to replace the useless coverage of Britney. Leave your thoughts here please and then start your posts!

One response to “Does Kenya Cry Alone?

  1. oh so true and oh so sad. what are the real values of our country?

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