First Political rally attended…….for a very long time

I have always tended to look at underdogs in political campaigns either because they had some interesting platforms or mad an attempt to come to the Colorado Springs area . These are the two points that are of interest to me. But, if a candidate comes to Colorado Springs, I tend to take a closer look.

Today on his 51st wedding anniversary, Ron Paul decided to visit the grassroots folks here in Colorado Springs. I was able to make it to the rally just in time to get a feel for how the crowd was and at least get a good vantage point. The rally was in The Giuseppe’s Depot Restaurant in the heart of Colorado Springs. I feel this had a significance of its own because it used to be the primary passenger train depot here. Why is this important? Because it brought to mind the old ‘whistle stop’ campaigns of yesteryear. However, it also brought back the fact that Dr. Paul runs on a Constitutional platform that needs to be brought back from days long ago.

Well, anyway…I got to the area, was able to find a parking space VERY close (how did that happen??), and headed over to the area where Dr. Paul was to arrive about 15 minutes early. The crowd was very supportive complete with the local media showing up. After all, how many candidates actually take time to meet the real people? Dr. Paul was met by a very receptive (if not crushing) crowd cheering him on with support. We ALL (about 350 or so) headed inside trying to get a good viewing spot. I really lucked out on this because I got a view straight at him in an area that was actually meant to pass drinks across!

Dr. Paul was given a rather poor amp system to speak through but, was able to overcome that with ease. The main point here is that he stands for Constitutional ideals that he does not waiver on. While he is sometimes criticized by core Republicans, he makes very valid points on all issues. He does not go for mainstream popularity, rather he has solid solutions that might help all concerned.

Ron Paul 2008 - Hope for America

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