How are we dealing with lifes little ugly emotions ?

I was reading a blog over on Dropping Knowledge about what makes life ugly. I sat back and thought about this for quite some time and then decided to see what others had to say. I found it interesting that the majority of the responses had to do with how we perceived ugliness (15).  Most folks decided to put a philosophical slant to this question by talking about duality and such. But, was this a way of trying to evade the question ?  Some went even beyond this and started aguments in their replies.  That being quite  interesting when we are discussing such things it occurs within the post itself.Some of the strongest emotions of hate, anger and violence were only slightly discussed. Was this perhaps becuase there was fear that there may be some offense taken from others reading the replies? Or, was this a form of passive/aggressive manipulation to see what would be said? I am very interested to see what the readers here have to say to that question of what makes life ugly.

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