Distraction or Reality

And now we look at the lobbyist yet again. Is there real information here or just another attempt to divert attention away from what is really behind the current campaign trail to the Presidency? Are real issues all of a sudden dropped because of this news? Now aside from the allegations of plagiarism in the Democratic camps there comes a scandal from the Republican side. OH NO…something happened between McCain and Iseman how many years ago?

Vicki Iseman - From the Alcalde & Fay website bio I think it’s time for us to pull back (yet again) from this junk and really look at the issues we are facing NOW. If this mud-slinging that seems to come from both sides does not stop, we as the voters will start to be swayed just as more primaries and caucuses are starting up. WE need to bring back attention to what each candidate will do for us (whether Democrat or Republican) and not waste time on all the mainstream hype about yet another scandal that is doing nothing more than wasting time for candidates to do damage control instead of giving us the information we need to make decisions based on real issue resolution and not the crap we get diverted by everyday.

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