Cat notes…thanks Icanhascheezburger!

I just had to post this crazy cat picture. The ultimate in cat demeanor!After battling with my wife’s cat since she has been on holiday, I had reached the final straw! I give her food, water, clean that nasty box, and yes, pet her with a plastic fly swater ( she hates contact with lowly human skin) and what gratitude is show? Relentless howling and screaming at the empty chair where my wife sits. Then rapid ballistic puking, running, more screaming, and MORE screaming. The end result? Into the pet carrier you go until at least you get over that tantrum that can be worse than the ones my 3 year old grand-daughter throws!
The last trick of the night? NOOOOOO! The cat figured out some way to pull back the zipper on the carrier and escape like Houdini! Back to the SCREAMING!Why are cats like this? Why to they pine away when their favorite living body warmer is gone? Oh well, I wonder what is on tap for a late night cat show tonight!

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