Hazelnut coffee, creamer, or syrup ?

The quandary begins! Looking at all the varieties of coffees, creamers and syrups that are hazelnut flavored there are just too many choices! Is this flavor really that popular to block out the actual flavor of the coffee base behind it? What’s the deal here? Why hasn’t there been an actual coffee that tastes this way with the additional ingredients added? Can you actually go buy hazelnuts and grind them into the coffee with using artificial additives?

So, The thing here is that three things will be tested. 1. Artificially flavored Millstone Hazelnut Cream ground coffee 2. Coffee Mate no sugar Hazelnut cream in liquid form 3. Hazel nut flavored syrup. The flavored liquids will be added to Folgers Columbian ground coffee as the base. But here is the kicker, I will try to find hazel nuts that can be ground with a Columbian roast whole bean as the final test!

The contenders:

body_prd_oc_flv_hazelnutcream.gif cmsugarfreehazelnutliq.gif hazelnut_syrup.jpg folgers.jpg

Left to right: Millstone Hazelnut Cream flavored coffee, Coffee Mate no sugar Hazelnut flavored Cream (liquid), Torani no sgaur Hazel nut flavored syrup, Folgers Columbian.

This is the test and I will share results at a future time. I will also see if I can find those elusive hazelnuts at a health food store.

Cups up!


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