Buzz and the Honey of Blogs

How does it work? You have a new product or service. Nobody knows about it or even worse, no one cares . That’s right. No one knows about it. But how do you get the word out to eagerly waiting consumers?

Buzz. Not the buzz of an alarm clock or the buzz of a bee. It’s the buzz of activity that starts to build when people find out about what you have just introduced. Maybe from a press release or a e-mail campaign just shot out to the world ? Perhaps, this might get so publicity for your new items but, results are still slow and low. Then you come across a way to get the real word out. The way to create such a din of activity that the buzz is so loud, the requests about your product pour in!

The new world of weblogs (blogs) has been a growing revenue point for both blog writers and advertisers to monetize and publicize these neat new products or services. What makes this even better is a group called Snapbomb. They provide one of the easiest ways for bloggers to submit articles on any given topic. Signing up is so easy that it only takes seconds before you can start submitting articles that will generate a new revenue flow for you. You are given the choice to write about things you care about and that your readers want to find out about.

Now for the advertisers looking for quick exposure about a new product or service, this is the place. It gives the ability to target campaigns on anything they want to get the word out in front large reader bases that have a need for th product or service. This is a great way to get your buzz out to the world by harnessing the power of blog marketing.


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