Does PTSD have a link to future changes?

I have been hearing about how many of our soldiers are returning from the Middle East areas after exposure to trauma and other stresses related to combat. I have a particular interest in this because it is one of the topics for my current research in Leadership and Change Management. I have heard of a neat little tool that helps trend searches and uses of specific topics over time called Goolge Trends. So using this I have decided to see (informally) how certain words come up under the broad base of PTSD.

Using a combination of PTSD and change management as trend terms, I got this…


Red line is ‘change management’ and blue is ‘PTSD’

If I add in combat (orange line) to this:


And lastly, if I put in VA hospitals (green line) I get:


This makes me very concerned about how while we are looking into things about combat, we are not looking too closely at the individuals involved. From this, do you think that we should be looking a little closer since we are entering our sixth year in this war? Is combat more glorious than the mental health of our returning men and women? This is not a protest or condoning of what is occuring, just some thoughts about what some informal research provided.

All graphs generated using Google Trend at


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