6 Degrees of Separation of Guruber-Dorks

NO ! Six degrees of separation just doesn’t cut it. It’s way to close to me you know. I want the wide open spaces to run around in acting like a cyber-dork not to be confused with an uber-dork or even guruber-dork.

Guruber dork, what is a guruber dork you ask? We seem to have an abundance of ubers (super users and ‘experts’) and those people that claim to be the top of the hill Gurus . Gurus about what is how they always seem to be getting away with telling people what they want to hear and not what the need to hear.

Are we really ready to find out who is close and who we may want to be close to? Can this be done remotely like 6 degerees from an Ocean Liner without a life jacket? Is this yet another buzz term to bring people together to realize they are connected in some way or another? This, if it does happen could be very spontaneous and violent. For the life of me, I just don’t get the hub-bub of this concept. Would it still be viable at 5 or 7 degrees?

Are these people (who don’t know each other directly) really 6 degrees apart? Do they even care?

Photo by Jennifer Maufrais

If we are so close, what happens to people that are far away? Do we care? I’m not sure if we do until it gets closer and closer to us and has more of an impact on us directly.

But think of this in the current economic situation we are in. It appears that the mainstream press can report numbers that get everyone running for the hills. The stock market drops because someone far away makes a statement that is amplified and repeated until it happens. We have been turned into a group of jump-in and jump-out investors that react to daily ‘news’ that tells you how to operate. The stability is gone simply because someone whispers the “R” work or dare they even think the “D” word. Isn’t it about time we listen to those that are close by and have both knowledge and discipline to help us ?


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