Coffee Mate Sugar Free Pulled from Shelves – Ruins Test

Well that’s just great. Here I am trying to do a test between alternatives for Hazel Nut Coffees and one of the sources where we were getting a test item from decided to not carry one of the very things we wanted to test. This was the Coffee Mate Hazelnut Cream coffee creamer (liquid) that was sugar free. Mind you, they still have the regular and fat free but have decided to nix the sugar free version.

Now how do you (including the folks at Nestles) expect us to include them when one of our test categories was the ease in finding the product on a regular basis. This is one thing that has shed a bad light on our supplier Safeway at Powers and Constitution ( in Colorado Springs,CO) . Now what to do? I guess we will have to drop this from the list by forfeit. We will continue to test the other alternatives.

By the way we have decided to start the 11 Day Diet program to see if this really works or not. So not only has Coffee Mate been taken away from us in sugar free version. It has been written off the list because of the fact that the fat free version contains sugar.

So any ideeas others than to go to another store? Help…Please?


3 responses to “Coffee Mate Sugar Free Pulled from Shelves – Ruins Test

  1. I live in Austin, TX and here to all of the suger free coffie mate was pull off the shelves, Whats going on? Is it something they are not telling us????

  2. I bought this yesterday, what are you talking about

  3. Hi Lynne,
    This was something that happened in certain parts of the country but is now back. No reason was given by the store that this occurred at here in Colorado.

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