We drink too much water and carry it in Nalgene (potential BPA) – wooha!

OK this is getting a little old don’t you think? First they told us to drink 8 or more glasses of water a day. Now they are telling us that we really don’t need that much. Now they are looking at the containers we put it in. What is really going on here?

This chemical called Bisphenol A (aka BPA) is now the threat to us (of the day). But what I have been noticing in this recent hub-bub is that there are a myriad of ads being placed for not only stainless steel water containers but also for using those cardboard ‘brick’ boxes to have food and liquids packaged in. Is it really the BPA that has been ‘reported’ to cause problems for fetuses and the like that is under scrutiny or is there something else going on? I did note on various TV reports that the threats were listed but no substitutes mentioned. In a Green Guide posted back in 2006 there are some alternatives listed that come from Nalgene. But if you look at another Green Guide article from the same year there is an intense examination about this chemical. Remember that was in 2006 this is 2008 and now it’s time to scare folks again in the mainstream media.

However, take a close look at the Nalgene products and see how this not only impacts them, but any company that uses the whole series of plastics labeled with 1 through 7. Now what, most plastics are made with some form or another of petroleum, right? Perhaps there is something more than just the BPA that can cause problems. But here’s the twist. People scared about this will toss these out and it will go to a landfill and get compressed and scratched (the process that releases BPA). Now what? Where does that all go? Most likely in a few years we will be hearing about BPA increases in the water table and the EPA will come up with even more regulations.

Nalgene bottleNalgene JarTSA approved containers

All pictures from the Nalgene Web site: http://www.nalgene-outdoor.com/productuses/index.html

But notice the picture on the bottom. These containers have been approved by the TSA for things you can carry your doodads and liquids onto a plane. Yikes! better throw them out as well. Just forget about flying or let alone making it across any airport inspection point without a full cavity search (yippy!).


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