Computers, Guns, Cameras and Walmart

Blink, blink…I couldn’t believe it. I saw it on a news crawler this morning. Walmart is to enter gun sales in a computer system and video record the transaction. Wow!

So you knew that your sales were documented. This has been done for some time when a gun is sold. But now good ol’ Walmart just has to get into the game. But this also made me think about two other issues that have recently surfaced. First the case that recently came up in the Supreme Court on gun control in Washington DC and second, the right for college students to carry concealed weapons on campus in lite of the recent shootings incidences at various campuses.

But why is this happening, really? Why is this coming to the forefront during this political season? And why does Walmart seem to have such a strong tie to both parties? Something else that seems to be on the rise are the reports of large polygamy groups that bring back memories of the Wacco,TX siege. Let’s see. The freedoms of religion and the right to bare arms. Most interesting. But then again, there’s always ways to introduce new laws new ways to control, and new ways to find fodder for the mainstream media to feed on.


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