CAPTCHA – We have determined you are not human…no blog for you!


This is a savior of the blogosphere, antispam extraordinair, and human validation test. But what happens when you just can’t read the characters simply because they are so distorted that even a human can’t make them out until they use some for of image editor application? You try to reset it , still unreadable, you try the voice button, it can’t read it. What to do?

I know that these little validation boxes are there to keep out automated systems from reading them. But what I think is strange is that an automated system generated them in the first place and has the nerve to tell us that we must be machines because we can’t read it back to it. But here’s another trick. If you can’t get anywhere with the system you are either logged out or never regain access to the account you just say dumped $1000.00 in to start a new Forex account or other banking opportunity. You try to contact the help desk on this and try to get you to enter yet another CAPCTHA to get back to your loot. No you can’t…and since you have gone beyond the 3 failed attempts, we will now deactivate your account until you contact our help desk and do a voice verification of the CACPTHA just sent to you.

On and on…No results, just more captchas issued and more junk from the help desk. Well that’s a new way for a group to make some quick money!

You know that I really hate these things. Yes they do cut down on spam and the like, but they also make the user experience less than desirable ! AHCTPAC


3 responses to “CAPTCHA – We have determined you are not human…no blog for you!

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  2. I like play with CAPTCHAs. It is really interesting. I always like to break more disorted CATCHAs. It is not irritating for me.

  3. I can’t stand captchas as many are too hard to read.

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