Denial, Selfishness, Broken Lives of the Innocent

I rarely use this forum for voicing personal issues that sometimes face us all. Many broken families have one major casualty of human emotional war…THE CHILDREN and Grandparents. Our grandson has a birthday this month and granddaughter in August. Because of the strife between the parents and TRUE lack of concern except for the parents themselves using the children as emotional leverage, many people beyond them are crushed.

Why are there so many emotional thorns

Leaving my heart broken and torn?

I would gladly give my life as ransom

if he would only accept his son.

Why does evil make him enjoy this fodder

by rejecting his daughter?

I don’t know why I bother

trying to solve life’s emotional slaughter?

We always seem to forget the children when these battles rage and keep us separated. I still have love for the parents during this time of hatred and strife and selfishness. There must be something deeper involved that causes such insecurity and isolation.

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