Bush says no quick fix for gas prices I say different

XR3 Hybrid example It\'s a kit!

I saw this article from the CNBC about Bush saying that it will take a long time for use to see any relief in gas prices. I say that this is xxxx. What happened to the SMART Car that was supposed to be here by now? Why is it so hard to get more electric and hybrid electrics out there? Why hasn’t there been advances in mass transit that actually works? What gives? Certainly it was known by somebody in D.C. that we were heading in this direction.

I think we need to start thinking about what we really need to have just to go to work or some other daily routine tasks. I keep hearing about alternatives but, for some reason I don’t see them here in Colorado.

Even with the increase in ‘Flex Fuel’ vehicles there is no infrasturcture really oin place to handle this. There have been no efforts made to increase availability to CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) alternatives even with our local city/county government trucks using it and a large storage depot for them. I just don’t get it.

I also found out about a neat little group called Electro-ride.com that has all sorts of vehicles for commuters that want to go this way. There are some hybrid possibilities that could have CNG/electric combination for extending distances and to assist in recharging the system while it moving under the CNG motor.

The CycleCar caught my attention after watching a short video from BoingBoingTV today. Quite impressive. But what is even better is the ever persistent Trimuter way back from the early 1980’s that is made from a kit! I have seen one of these and it was powered by a motorcycle engine. Great ride with a great way to save on fuel. So, there are ways to beat the games being played against the US consumer. Think about these alternatives,. I am planning on trying to get the plans for the Trimuter soon as a test bed for various fuel types…stay tuned!


One response to “Bush says no quick fix for gas prices I say different

  1. The answer is simple. Battery Electric Cars. To the consumer there is NO downside.

    The problem is this. Batteries. Why is that a problem? there illegal. You see GM developed the battery via Ovonics. When they crushed the electric car project (literally with car crushers) they SOLD the Large Format NIMH patent to Chevron. Chevron refuses to license them. Without a Cheap Practical long life battery its pointless and won’t work. The LF NIMH’s are that.

    We can not have them till something changes or until the patent expires I believe in 2015

    Then the gig is up and we get the screw the auto makers for once.

    I bet a Trimuter could go 250 miles a charge on an E95 NIMH battery.

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