No, now moving towards 18 – Yikes! Is this a stunt?

OK, I remember talking about this some time ago when the Duggar family was at number 17 for the children they have, and now it will be 18. A short article from Yahoo News talks about this exploding family. Dont you think this is turning into another publicity stunt to make more from sponsors and the community. Or is it really just turning into a strange form of child abuse. How can these people honestly think that these children are really get a true form of love when as soon as they come into the pack they are just there to take care of the others?

What is going on during these uncertain times when a family like this gets more and more and more attention? Have a mega-family get mega-popular? What happens when the parents are gone? Will these turn into some weird cult family that get bigger and bigger? Leave your thoughts please because this is going to get going until we puke!


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