Oil, Gas and the forgotten

blah,blah,blah Oil Supplies blah blah blah gasoline prices. Blah Blah Profits blah blah prices continue to rise. Blah Bush meets Blah Blah to discuss increasing oil supplies. Blah Oil Executives make how much blah? There are not enough refineries blah and they will not be ready for blah years?

The point here is that this has been going on and on. Does President Bush really think he can make a difference in supplies of oil? Does he really even care? We can have more and more oil but, for some reason ‘they’ will not open new refineries. How much more in the way of arms did we bargain away during the talks with Saudi King Abdullah while not making a dent in supplies?

We are not hearing ANYTHING about true alternatives to this oil/gas issue and why would we? There is a large amount of revenue from the sale of gasoline to the plagued masses that are now trying to decide to pay for fuel or food or rent or clothing, etc. Let’s start thinking mass transit that works, car pooling/ride sharing, non-fossil fuel burning vehicles, electric vehicles and human powered vehicles. Are we ever going to realize that it will take US the average CITIZEN to make a real difference?

The Go-One3 Human powered vehicle

Alternative vehicle


One response to “Oil, Gas and the forgotten

  1. Exactly, the only real solution is alternatives here. Governments are blaming OPEC and trying to get oil production raised, but that will only speed up the inevitable end of oil altogether.

    Not that I want to drive that yellow thing above. At least not on a road – it looks more like a submarine.

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