Bleeps, Blunders and Broadsiding

Here we go again. What people say seems not only to get one in trouble it gets another taken down on the web.
I was reading an article from Newsmax about some kind of remark that Michelle Obama said relating to race. Both sides of the ticket Democrat (Clinton) and Republican are rushing to get a comment that was reported by Roger Stone on the StoneZone . The problem? When I went to the StoneZone site it was gone (at least at that time). Was it overloaded? Was is censored? Maybe Stone is gone? Who knows?

It’s very hard to get real information from any source (left or right; wrong or right) when WE the People should hear it. I really wonder what will happen. Will there be yet another distancing from a person that made provocative comments relating to race, gender, social standing, or whatever? Will Barack need to scurry away from this family radical? How will it be used this time by the mainstream media that loves to use specific sound bites to shape our minds the way THEY want to? YIKES! Revealed on the last day of PEOPLE voting. How nice and timely is this America? Will it change your mind on YOUR vote?


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