Anybody got some Beano? This gas is killing us!

I’ve seen a few ads and heard a few ads pushed out by the various oil/gasoline companies telling us that we the consumer are responsible for this current gas price hike and that some of us actually own shares in the companies that we are complaining about. Do we really need to care about this slant? Is there a true shortage of the actual oil used to make our fuel?

I ‘dabble’ in the stock market and can see where most of the investment money is moving. You guessed it ! Oil futures commodity trading. But what is even sadder about this is that many new start-up companies that can provide us with alternative fuels are being zapped by the lack of investment dollars. Is this fair? Or do we really just want to make a fast buck while we are actually ‘drinking our own blood’ because it is sweet and makes us damn wealthy. That is of course until we realize that it was our own blood and that we must now die!

But we don’t have to go down this greed stricken path. First we need to discipline the way we invest in OUR OWN COUNTRY and then we need to seriously rethink our current transportation systems. But then again, isn’t this a wonderful way to restrict our freedom of movement. No gas; no go; no move; easier to locate and control. Wowwy wow wow wow! Hot Dog! Now here’s a great new Presidential campaign  idea. Let’s make the gas prices go down just before the elections and see who will get voted in. You know already anyway. The person that saves the day just before the election!


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