They Are Not ‘Throw-Aways’ They are our precious youth!

Today after first reading an article about the decision to ban the Death Penalty for child rape by our own Supreme Court I thought to myself how could it be said that the punishment did not fit the crime. I was saddened by the fact that it was said that it was cruel and unusual form of punishment for the crime. How could that be since the victim was exposed to cruel and unusual acts?

But then, a later article announced that “…In all, authorities arrested 345 people — including 290 adult prostitutes — during the operation that ended this week. Since 2003, 308 pimps and hookers have been convicted in state and federal courts of forcing youngsters into prostitution, and 433 child victims have been rescued, Mueller said.” was reported from the AP on Pimps arrested, kids rescued in prostitution busts . So, what happens now? Will the pimps and assorted scourge get off? Will the children really be protected and ‘free’ from this enslavement. Will our courts now consider OUR children as throw aways as this article describes and not effectively protect them from these savages?

So what’s the deal here? We set those children ‘free’ only to end back into the arms of those enemies of youth? What is really being decided in our courts that will actually protect the youth of our great country and the people who care about them? I fear a true mockery of ‘justice’ by the justice of our own courts.

What do you think?

One response to “They Are Not ‘Throw-Aways’ They are our precious youth!

  1. I agree with you. Taking away the death penalty is like rewarding these scum with lifelong free care. Free food, lodging and cable. The intermingle, learn trades, go to college, have weight lifting rooms body builders would envy everywhere. Yet, the children are scared for life. Do you really believe this stops them from getting an income from their crime? Someone out there is taking over for them and putting the profits away or providing them all the porn, cigerettes and everything else you can imagine, right there is jail. I wonder if their allowed “conjgal” visits with their children?

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