Is the US public denied a 40+mpg car?

I was reading an article on MSN Autos and the SMART Car came in third place after the Toyota Prius and the Honda Civic Hybrid. But where are people even getting the SMART Car in the US anyway? Why are we not seeing the SMART Car in the US that has a diesel option that can get 70+ mpg yet? This is really strange to me since small economic cars have been available around the world for a very long time because of gas prices elsewhere and smaller parking/road areas. Come on now!

I have a very very hard time when I am told that Americans desire a vehicle that can carry x amount of people has umpteen zillion horse power and has an airbag in every nook and cranny when the driver forgets how to handle those horsepower while holding a cell phone, applying make-up, eating a fast food burger and somehow holding onto all those things while being the only person in that vehicle! Is this what we really desire, or is this what we are being told we desire by marketing groups of the failing US auto industry?

If this is what we really really want (not need mind you) then maybe we should start thinking about not complaining about prices of the fuel it drinks. I know this sounds harsh because it is. We have seen chances to improve our driving habits, reduce our costs, and have a ‘greener’ lifestyle many time but have forgone this by not realizing that we are becoming a laughing stock to the rest of the world because of our selfish habits of consumerism. Maybe it’s time to really stop and think when you are going down the road in a vehicle that can carry nine when you are the only one in it. There are a few people that are moving away from the gas hogs and still having a vehicle that is economical to own and oerate and then relaize that they never really needed what they once had.

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