No to talk, no to transgressions, no to the People?

Wait a minute. First we here in Colorado can only go to Obama talks if we are invited. Somewhat elitist? Don’t forget that when the Democratic Convention happens is Colorado that all homeless people will be gone from sight. They will be given tickets to movies, or sent to ‘hiding’ events and so on. I thought the programs that the Democrats fight for were to help these people. MMMM? Has something gone wrong here? Even if these people can’t vote based on a lack of permanent addresses, they matter and are part of US. Why must they be hidden?

Now Obama wants to run away from the Town Hall style debates McCain offered with Obama saying no because he might say something that is actually real perhaps showing his ideas of what the real changes will be. Now it appears if any campaign worker and I mean even down to volunteers can’t say ANYTHING that is not on an approved list of whatever it is, they get kicked out. I don’t get it. Why is he running away from the people? Why is he not wanting to actually face the PEOPLE (US mind you)? This is change? Change to what. This is not Democratic, not Liberal, and not even within the realm of our desired direction. I feel that Ombama might be walking so far to the Left that he looking at fascism as the change. Please listen to him (directly) not what the press says, not what the media says. Listen to bloggers that count. Listen to independent non-big-media sources that give you the real information. Please take time to do research on all involved in this upcoming election. The change is OURS! WE count. We matter. WE VOTE!!!


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