Average net worth of an American? “Average” mmmm……

I have been trying to figure out what direction the real people of this country are moving as far as what is considered net-worth. I have been looking at so many articles and data sources that I have come to the conclusion that there is no real average, practically no real net worth for any ‘real’ American today. Why do I say this? What is a real American after all these days?

So first, I try to define the ‘real’ American. First, this is ANY person regardless of race or where they live or whatever the US Census breaks us out as. We are the people that work day to day, pay bills ( or at least try to), pay taxes, have a family of some form, try to be honest, and vote ( well at least a few times). The primary thing is that WE are not politicians, lawyers, mega-corporate executives, celebrities of some ilk (like movies,sports,whatever), media leaders, and so on. We are the people that fund these animals. WE struggle with daily life and many times are not sure where our next paycheck will come from because we work in jobs that pay so low we have to work five and only two are available. WE are the citizens that ‘grease the wheels’ and are used as grease like the ancient slaves of Egypt to build those crazy monuments called pyramids.

The most elusive number I have tried to find is what our net worth truly is. I see where all people are lumped into one group and then numbers are dumped out saying that ‘we’ are seeing a drop in value. Interesting because the number is for everyone grouped as one person not the individuals we are. So there are numbers in the Trillions that don’t tell us anything. Then I see data that has the average white person making 104,000 and nonwhite 25,000. I don’t think this is real, I think it to get certain groups upset. I don’t get it. Why can’t we get numbers that make sense? Why do we have to be given information that seems manipulating? Maybe just maybe because politicians can use this to influence particular groups to vote in particular ways? Wake up!

If we can get out of our day-to-day living, our apathy, our self pity, our finger pointing, and our sheep-like following of big-media and manipulative government maybe we can pull ourselves out of this mess without help from your local favorite government service agency. Oh and by the way maybe really start to considered and vote for third party groups that actually do care for the people like Ron Paul and other folks that want to get back to Constitutional principles that free us from government enslavement and get us back as REAL people to move this great country in the direction it was intended to.

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