Shouldn’t the Ultimate Sacrifice get the Ultimate Honor?

I was reading in an article about Sgt. Rafael Peralta protecting his fellow troops from a grenade blast by grabbing in and using his body as a shield to protect others. What I don’t understand is that he was not posthumously awarded a Medal of Honor. He instead was slated to receive the Navy Cross for his heroism. The problem surrounding this is the mention of friendly fire occurring during the incident.

I am somewhat saddened by this because what does it really take to be given this honor after such a sacrifice is made? I really feel that a review does need to take place to see what really happened and why this act of heroism was slated for just the Navy Cross and not the Medal of Honor. I do respect the many men and women of our great country for their service and the risks they knowingly operate in. However, what price must be truly paid for this? I only hope that the family of Sgt. Peralta know the true honor of their son and the people that he shielded from death or injury and hope the rest of this great country recognize the bravery and heroism of our fine troops.


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