Who really makes this? Why should the big 3 care about US?

The bailout failed. Yes it failed. And it appears to be for the greed of the UAW. Based on info from the Internet, a typical UAW worker is getting 70+ dollars per hour. And the nonunion worker is getting 48.00 per hour. How many of us make anywhere near this an hour? Maybe we should think about having cars produced as needed ( just like other things produced on demand). Isn’t it time the people of this country make the calls and not a group of yet another greed based industry ( like oil and financial) tell us what to do?

Our economy will only fall apart if WE let it. It doesn’t have to go this way. Maybe a little change from greed (like that will ever happen) to common sense and discipline would make a difference here. Maybe we should look at something called the ‘law of diminishing returns’ in economics and social systems.


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