FIAT to snag some Chrysler?

What happened? I thought there was to be this SMART Car thing and now for the saving of Chrysler via FIAT so they can have a way to get back into the US? I don’t know…I am really starting to doubt the US will see the ‘promised’ economy cars we have been talking about for so long. I have nothing against the idea of bring in some other groups such as the FIAT 500, but I just want to see somebody make a move to get something, anything here that will be saving on fuel.

I have really just thought that gas was going down just before the Inauguration¬† and then take off like a bottle rocket so we are FORCED to leave oil behind just a little ( to help the move toward more ‘green’ cars) . OH Well…just another bluff.

A possible FIAT import?

A possible FIAT import?


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