I don’t understand…

Just a quick thought… May your investments grow to endless outcome! What I mean here is that I am starting to agree that the investing markets may seem bleak but, they aren’t if you took it in your own hand and not from a broker. I have been doing several penny stocks and they are doing OK in this market. What is even better is that they are fractional. They are under a penny or at least under 25 cents a share. That means you can grab a ton at a time and maybe even make something (imagine that!!) . There are ways to overcome this ‘downturn’ into an opportunity folks. I have been having relatively good luck  with WNBD , SMKG, GFET, ESYM and BEDA. I’m not making ANY promises here and I am not offering any advice and I am certainly not a broker by any means. The only thing here is that you do your DD and study the charts, look at the business and what it provide and think about future LONG TERM possibilities.


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