Jobs —

I joined the ranks of the growing wave of American Jobless. But here are some things that I wonder about when I read the ‘experts’ on looking for work.
1. Relocate – OK The job is in California, I’m in North Dakota have 250.00 in my account and it will cost me 1800.00 just to move. This does not include finding a new place to live, setting up utilities/phone, changing this and that to meet the move and so on. Isn’t it nice that this is NEVER talked about. Just pick up and move. Ta da!
2. Change to a new career track. We don’t need x professionals any more (after doing it for 30 years). Retrain to be an X and start at ground zero again. No big deal. It will only take you 2 or so years.
3. Start an entirely new social network. Oh yes, you can still be in contact with friends/family but start in a new environment.
4. Ooops…we’re sorry the place you just moved to and started…The job has been eliminated. Back Home for you.
5. Go home and start over again.

So. Is this the real thing? How many can actually do this? We need to be honest about this. Now I am told to ‘act’ younger to get work…


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