Mommy can I have a 1 Trillion dollar fun money loan?

Oh No Mr. Bill!

1 trillion dollars (and Dr. Evil started at 1 million) to go into the pit of doom. I saw this number from MSNBC today and just about barfed. Where is this coming from and where has it been hiding and why? The G20 has got to be kidding or is it? I mean if the world is in so much trouble where is this coming from? Has it been there all along collecting interest (from what/where) all this time?

Are the worlds’ banks really in trouble or not? If this is the case is there a hidden world bank that only a chosen few control? I don’t know. But by the looks of it there could be some huge reserve that is much larger than the sum of what the ‘open’ banks have world wide. What is the IMF anyway and how do they control the entire assets of the world (each year) at these meetings?

I’m really lost on this one and would like some help from the readership out there for a clear explanation about how the ‘open’ banks and the IMF remain independent. Are there two sets of world economies going on at the same time?

Another point. Why do these meetings always have bloody protesters running about? What are they protesting? Why are they always roughed up?

Bloodied IMF/G20 Protester (MSNBC image)

Bloodied IMF/G20 Protester (MSNBC image)


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